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Product information

The BOSTON is a robust electric city bike with a traditional Dutch design. With the BOSTON you will make your way through the city with ease. Often faster for short distances, and always healthier, than by car or scooter. Making the BOSTON the ultimate city bike.


Light weight

Due to a black painted aluminum frame, we are able to provide a strong bike that only weights around 17.5 KG. This allows you to easily cycle without with or without pedal assistance. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with front and rear light and reflective tires, so that you are always visible in the dark. The handlebars and saddle are height adjustable to provide you with your most comfortable sitting position.

You can easily expand the BOSTON with a front or rear rack, found here. Both these racks where specially designed for WATT by Steco. The rear rack has a load capacity of more than 25 KG, making it easy and safe to mount a child seat on it. Additionally the BOSTON has connection points for a secure ring lock and a kickstand. Allowing you to easily and safely park the bicycle anywhere in the city.


Up to 25 KM per hour support

The BOSTON has a 250-WATT electric motor in its rear axle, and a speed sensor in the bottom bracket to regulate the drive. The motor has 5 levels of assistance from 5 km to 25 km per hour support. The modes are pre-set, but you can adjust it according to your wishes. To be able to cycle at a higher speed, we used a gear ratio of 2.75. This is the ratio between the front and rear sprockets. Acceleration is therefore theoretically heavier, but because of direct support by the electric motor, you will barely notice it.


Invisible Battery

The bike gets its energy from a 36V - 10.5AH lithium battery developed by Samsung. To charge your bike you will get a charger that connects to the bike itself, comparable to charging your mobile phone. Charging a completely empty battery takes about 3 hours. The average battery life is about three years or about 500 charge cycles. Keep in mind that the range of a battery can decrease after that. Replacing the battery is easily done via the head tube. You can do this yourself or have it done by a bicycle repair shop. Follow the steps from the installation video.


40 - 70 KM Range

How far you can cycle with a full battery (the range) depends on a number of factors. It depends on your own weight, the support mode you choose and the cycling conditions. For example, with strong headwind and support level 5, the range is smaller than on a flat road and support level 1. In general, you can assume that you can cover a distance between 40 and 70 kilometres. More than enough for your daily trips around the city.


Easy to maintain

In order to fully enjoy your new bicycle, it is important to maintain it properly. We have developed a bicycle without unnecessary extras. This makes it easy to perform the maintenance yourself. Think of replacing brake pads, sticking a tire or lubricating your chain. You can buy most parts from a bicycle repair shop or order specific parts, such as a new battery, in our webshop

You can also opt for a maintenance subscription from Get Bike Services. They have a nationwide bicycle repair service in the Netherlands and come to your home by appointment. You can get a service subscription for 11 euros per month. Upon closing, you will receive the first three months as a gift, including a full check-up after three months at home. -> Read more

Wheelsize28’, 37-622
Frame sizes54 en 59 cm - Aluminum frame & charging point on frame
Chargepointon frame
ColorGlanzend zwart

BrakesRim brakes rear and front
SaddleBrown leather look
HandlesBrown leather look
HandlebarsCity bicycle aluminum
ChainStainless steel
MudguardMetaal voor en achter
RearlightSpanninga including reflector
KickstandDouble kickstand
Weight17.5 kg
BatteryStatus display
FunctionsAverage speed, distance, and time
Power36V - 250W - 45NM (Rearwheel)
Maximum speed25 km per hour
Pedal assistance5 levels
DriveVia speedsensor
Brake interruptionYes
RemovableNo, integrated in frame
Battery36V – 10.5Ah batterij
Radius30 - 60 km
Charging time3 - 5 h
ChargerLI-ion battery charger