Sporty elegance with powerful support
Not just a feast for the eyes
but also a pleasure to drive
Sporty and electric
Fast and manoeuvrable due to the electric drive from the rear axle with a power of 250 WATT. Via a speed sensor you experience direct support that quickly builds up to 25 kilometers per hour. With a range of between 40 and 70 kilometres, that will take you anywhere in the city in no time.
Invisible battery
WATT gets its energy from a 36V - 10.5AH lithium battery. Fully integrated into the down tube, resulting in ideal weight distribution and road holding.
Design and quality
The aluminum frame is finished with high-quality lacquer, so that it retains its stylish industrial look. Furthermore, the bike is finished with high-quality parts from Magura, the Gates Carbon Drive system and Brooks Cambium saddle and handles.

Stylish cycling in a clean and liveable city

5 Levels

25 km/h

40-70 KM range

Gates Carbon Drive,
High quality
Clean, light and strong
and maintenance-friendly
The bike is equipped with the Gates Carbon Drive system. The industry standard for a low maintenance timing belt. Clean, light and strong. In order to be able to cycle at a higher speed, a resistance of 2.86 has been used. This makes road cycling theoretically heavier, but because the electric motor provides almost immediate support, you hardly notice it.
A sporty rider deserves a short braking distance
Experience WATT! 30 day return policy.
You don't just buy an e-bike and ordering online may be even more exciting. That's why you can use WATT for 30 days with a return guarantee.
To fully enjoy your WATT, it is important to maintain your bike properly. This can easily be done at home with our service subscription, including a first checkup after three months. Read more
You can also easily take out insurance online when purchasing your WATT. You are then insured for theft and repairs. Read more
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Integrated display
Lighting front
...and rear
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