Book an appointment

You can book an appointment online at Get Bike Service directly. Log in and choose whether you want a mobile service bus to come to your home or work. Of course, you can also book by phone. Call Get Bike Service on 043 8701360

No subscription?

If you do not (yet) have a subscription, we will of course also help you. You can easily make an appointment by phone or chat. Get Bike Service will then come to your home to repair your bike. This is usually done in an hour and you pay only €79.

About Get Bike Service

WATT Mobility works together with the national bicycle repair service Get Bike Service. They come to your home with their trained mechanics by appointment. The Services include travel time and mechanic travel expenses and the service charges and replacement of materials covered by the warranty. A subscription ensures you of:

  • A service for your new bike after three months
  • An annual check-up
  • Repairs at home without call-out costs.

If you wish, you can also choose to take out a service subscription on the spot. Read more